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Meet Our Staff

Alicia, a brown-skinned woman with short, brown hair is wearing glasses and earrings and smiling into the camera.

DCATP Program Manager

Alicia C. Johns is the Program Manager for the DC Assistive Technology Program (DCATP). DCATP is a city-wide program that helps District residents with disabilities regardless of age or disability get appropriate assistive technology (AT) devices and services to live independently. Ms. Johns manages the administration and implementation of the AT program services, including the AT Resource Center, AT Device Loan Program, Disability Equipment Recycling Program (DC Shares) and the AT Financing Loan Program. Through DCATP, District residents with disabilities have a chance to participate in demonstrations of AT devices; opportunities to tryout AT devices with our short-term device loan program; acquire new or used durable medical equipment, like wheelchairs and walkers and access low-interest loans to purchase assistive technology devices and services. These services are available to all Washingtonians with disabilities and their families with the ultimate goal of allowing persons with disabilities to live and function independently at home, schoolwork, or in their community. Ms. Johns holds a M.S. in Management and Marketing from the University of Maryland and has been in the field of disability rights and assistive technology for over 26 years. Ms. Johns often states that, “Technology makes things easier for persons without disabilities, but technology makes things possible for persons with disabilities.”

Deborah, a dark-brown-skinned woman with pulled-up brown and red braids, wears glasses and earrings looking at the camera.

DCATP Outreach Specialist

Deborah Kale is the Outreach Specialist for the DC Assistive Technology Program (DCATP). She has been an AT Advisory Council member since 2018. Before working for DCATP in 2022, Deborah was a personal office assistant at the DC Center for Independent Living for 13 years. She has also been in the disability field for 23 years, working as a Participant Direct Care Worker/Home Health aide. Disability has always been her passion; she advocates for people with a sufficient disability. Deborah believes that all people with a disability should be treated fairly and equally, just like any other person, and that they have a voice, and somebody should hear it. Their lives matter, too. Deborah will never stop advocating for people or persons with disabilities unit their voices are heard.

Davette, a brown-skinned woman with pulled-back brown hair, wears a lanyard and a blue shirt and smiles into the camera.

DCATP Assistive Technology Specialist

Davette Rucker is an Assistive Technology Specialist at the DC Assistive Technology Program (DCATP). She is an occupational therapist and has been in the field of disability and rehabilitation since 1998. Davette manages DCATP's lending library and demonstration center. She conducts assistive technology product demonstrations, AT consultations, AT assessments, and assists with outreach activities.