Our Services

The Assistive Technology Program for DC (ATPDC) is a citywide program whose goal is to enhance independence, productivity, inclusion and the quality of life for all individuals with disabilities.

We accomplish this goal by identifying those barriers that keep people from getting the appropriate assistive technology (AT) devices and services they need to live more independent lives. 

In collaboration with consumers, government agencies and community organizations, we develop and implement strategies to overcome those barriers. 

child using touch screen computer

The ATPDC presents residents, service providers and businesses a variety of assistive technology related services. Listed below are the primary programs our organization is proud to offer.

Offers an opportunity to learn about various AT devices, try them out and discuss use

Provides an opportunity to tryout AT devices before purchase or other needs

A fundingresource to DC residents with disabilities to purchase AT devices and services

DC SHARES provides new and used durable medical equipment (DME) to low income DC residents

We provide support and guidance to consumers, advocates and community based organizations and agencies

Trainings on the basics of assistive technology and how it is used in the classroom, workplace and in the community

Comprehensive needs evaluations for education, employment or community living.  These services are fee-based

Please contact us for more information on any of our services

"Making Independence Possible"