Occupational therapy students from Howard University

Training Services

In an effort to increase awareness about assistive technology services and devices the  ATPDC conducts group training sessions tailored to meet your needs.

Presentations range in length from thirty (30) minutes to three (3) hours and are generally held at the DCATRC

Training sessions may focus all or some of the following:

For more information on group training services, please contact Debra Haydel, 202-589-0288 x 137 or dhaydel@uls-dc.org

  • Basics of assistive technology devices and services
  • Technology and the Law
  • Assistive technology selection process
  • Assistive technology in Special Education and Vocational Rehabilitation Programs
  • Self Advocacy and the Law
  • Assistive Technology Funding
  • Demonstrations of assistive technology devices and products
  • Group activities and case studies

Specialized Trainings

The  ATPDC in collaboration with the  Mid- Atlantic ADA Center and the Consortium of the Mid-Atlantic Assistive Technology Programs, presents:

“Assistive Technology in the Workplace: Tools to Accommodate Employees with Disabilities".  

The AT@Work program offers training on the scope and benefits of assistive technology as a workplace accommodation.  This training is specifically designed for human resources professionals, business organizations,  Vocation Rehabilitation counselors,  recruiting employment specialist and other employers in the District of Columbia.

"Emergency Preparedness and Assistive Technology.”

This training focuses on the types of assistive technology (AT) devices (such as alerting devices for someone who is deaf or a communication board for someone who is unable to speak) and assessments tools to determine the needs of individuals with disabilities for access and functional needs during an emergency. 

The training is specifically designed for public and private emergency service providers, administrators, staff, volunteers and community emergency response teams on the use of assistive technology in emergency shelters and emergency preparedness for persons with disabilities. 

The duration and content of the training can be customized for the employer's needs, and training can be held at the employer's location.

For more information on this specialized training, please contact Alicia Johns, 202-547-0198 x 134 or ajohns@uls-dc.org