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DC Assistive Technology Resource Center

The DC Assistive Technology Resource Center (DCATRC) opened in 1999. The center showcases assistive technology devices and resources designed to help people with disabilities live, work, learn and play with increased independence through informative demonstrations of a wide variety of assistive technology devices and products.The center is also the site for the Assistive Technology Device Loan Program

Device Demonstrations

Staff is available to help visitors at the center compare the features and benefits of a broad range of equipment such as communications aids, voice activated computers, tools for daily living, electronic magnifiers and other technology for use in the classroom, workplace and the community. 

The center is an ideal place to get hands on experience and a wealth of information on "Creative Solutions for Living".

The space is also available for AT vendors, professionals and instructors to conduct demonstrations, assessments and trainings.  Access to WiFi is available.  

Demonstrations provided by appointment.  Please phone 202-589-0288 x 137 or email

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The Assistive Technology Device Loan Program was established for individuals and service providers to borrow devices in order toassist in decision making, to serve as a loaner during a device repair, to provide an accommodation on a short-term basis or for training or learning purposes.

Who Can Borrow Devices?
Persons with disabilities, family members, agency or school representatives, service providers working with persons with disabilities, AT specialists and evaluators.

How Does It Work?
It is recommended that you first visit the DCATRC to review the available devices. Staff will assist you in the selection of devices and also provide basic training and implementation ideas.

  • The standard length of a device loan is two to four weeks
  • Borrowers are liable for replacement of any device that is lost, stolen or broken
  • Borrowers and/or the person responsible for borrowed items must complete and sign the agreement form.
  • Borrowers are responsible for pick-up and return of all equipment

Available equipment includes some augmentative communication devices, switches, adapted telephones, assistive listening devices and hardware for adapted computer access. Please call to find out which devices are available for loan and to receive assistance with selection. 

Please phone or email for more information:
202-589-0288 x 137  ยท



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