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25th Anniversary of the Signing of the ADA
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Outreach and Information

The Assistive Technology Program for DC (ATPDC) provides outreach and information services to community-based organizations, advocates, and consumers through citywide events and information to expand awareness about assistive technology devices and services.

The ATPDC reaches out to all agencies and groups to assist in expanding their knowledge base and in acquiring the appropriate assistive technology devices and services.

Our outreach activities include the following:

Community Events – The ATPDC participates in conferences, exhibits, health fairs, and other public forums to provide hands on demonstrations and information on assistive technology devices and services.

Technical Assistance – Technical assistance is provided to organizations, service providers, employers and government agencies.  This information is designed to elevate understanding of how the appropriate assistive technology device or service can be integrated into existing systems ad

Information and Referral - Program staff provide free information and referral services on assistive technology services, equipment, advocacy and policy matters.

We encourage individuals who reside or work in the District of Columbia to contact us with questions on assistive technology issues by telephone or by electronic mail.  We endeavor to provide accurate, comprehensive and timely responses. 

For these services please contact us